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LookUp offers stargazing, astronomy and space exploration experiences in Portugal for tourists, companies and more. We design amazing experiences to make sure you look up at the bright side of life. Whether you're looking to set up a team dinner for your company or just want to do something different while you're staying in Lisbon, contact us!

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stargazing Nights

Need a break from Lisbon's city lights?

Head out to the Portuguese countryside and experience a special evening under the stars.

Learn how to identify constellations and the North Star, see the Moon, planets, galaxies and more through the lens of a telescope or binoculars.

Sit back and cuddle up under a warm blanket and get ready for an unforgettable journey through the Universe!

LookUp Teams

Can you think of anything more inspiring than conquering the stars? Take your team on a fun and amazing journey that will make them dream bigger and higher. Offer them a stargazing night where they will learn lessons from astronauts and the space exploration adventure, how to navigate the stars, identify constellations, and much more! The sky is not the limit.

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At LookUp, we're fascinated by the stars and by the possibilities that the Universe offers.

Our mission is simple: we want to make sure you Look Up!

Astronomy and stargazing have had a fundamental role in the history of mankind and, in the last decades, space exploration has gathered nations in the common goal of reaching higher and further, in what is Humanity's most ambitious adventure.

We want to share our passion with the world and anyone who drops by our sunny Portugal, and have an active role in communicating astronomy and space exploration, by offering galactic experiences designed to make you dream.

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