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Offer your team a unique and magical night! ​

When the dark sky sets in, LookUp will take you on a trip through space and time to discover the Universe.​

Learn how to navigate the stars and identify constellations, and see planets, galaxies and the Moon through the lens of a telescope.

With astronauts as our role models, we will inspire your team to defy odds and limitations, dream higher and achieve the impossible.

Space exploration is the most ambitious and difficult adventure of mankind. Richard Branson, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos are just some of the visionary entrepreneurs that are investing in space, a hint that the future is up.




Our programs for teams are customized according to the company's profile and needs.

Our standard program includes:

- Dinner with Portuguese delicacies and wine

- Intro to astronomy and space exploration history

- Night Sky Tour* with LookUp Guide

- Observation with telescope and binoculars 

- Transportation (optional)

*Portugal is known for its warm and sunny weather but we do have clouds on occasion. If, due to weather conditions, the stars are not visible, we have an alternative program to offer you that is just as brilliant.

**Minimum number of participants: 10

- Different locations available depending on program.


- Variable depending on program.


- Upon request.



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